Click through to read about how I am a total convert on the woowoo power of writing down and art journalling your dreams and goal

I wanted to tell you all the story of how I managed to find myself on the creative team for Stencilgirl. Not only did I get on the team, they ASKED me to be on the team. For realz. I nearly fell off my chair I was so excited. But I’m getting ahead of myself so I’ll start from the beginning.

Life book

So this all began when I was taking the life book lesson from MaryBeth Shaw. MaryBeth is the owner and amazing artist behind Stencilgirl and she is just one of some amazing instructors this year in life book. I used my blue sky art journal of this one, it was a special page.

Click through to read about how I am not a total convert on the woowoo power of writing down your goals and dreams to make them come true

Here is the page that I made after watching her class. It was all about making a page with intention and thinking about the subject you are journaling about whilst you make the page. I decided to dedicate my art journal page to my day dreams so whilst I was painting, sticking and making marks I was thinking about all of the things that I would love to have in my life and all of the goals and wishes I have.

I also threw just about every Stencilgirl stencil I had in my arsenal at the page like the Circles stencil from Carolyn Dube and the lovely puddles from Rae Missigman. At this stage I was thinking it was nice and all but it was a little bit woowoo for me.

Art Journal goals and dreams

Ok, so here is where I believe the magic happened.

I am now a convert to the woowoo magic of writing down your dreams and goals. Click through to read why


See the scribbles? These are my dreams and wishes and goals all written down. Ok, maybe not ALL of them but the ones that were right in the front of my mind when I was writing them down. They aren’t meant to be read but I know that they are there and I know what they say. And in there my friends, is “I want to be on the Stencilgirl creative team” I kid you not. Of course when I wrote this I had no idea where it would lead and I merrily posted it on instagram.

Here comes the magic

So stencilgirl were kind enough to re post my image and I got some lovely comments about it. My instagram tribe were very kind about the page too but it soon got buried in my feed and in my art journal and I can’t say that I gave it a great deal of thought after that.

Then I got an email to say MaryBeth was trying to get in touch with me on Facebook. Then I got in touch with her and read her message around a million times. She liked my art and wanted to invite me to be part of the new Stencilgirl creative team. Of course I said yes (duh!) and I’m now looking a a wonderful pile of goodies to make some amazing art with and not just in my art journal.

So what can I say inconclusion? Freaking write those dreams down people! Write then down somewhere, make them tangible. You never know what magical events will be set into motion if you do. I’m not someone who normally goes for this kind of stuff but without a doubt I’m a total convert now.

Click through to read my story about how I joined the stencilgirl creative team and for more photos of my day dream art journal page

Click through to read my story about how I joined the stencilgirl creative team and for more photos of my day dream art journal page

I’d love to help you to journal down some of your hopes and dreams too and who knows, maybe some of them will come true? If you click below you can sign up to download an Art and journaling prompt PDF I made just for you to help you do this! If you do use it I’d love to see it so be sure to tag or email when if you share it online!

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