So I’ve joined up with the Get Messy art journal group online. I really wanted to participate in a group to get some inspiration and hopefully make some new online friends in the process.

I joined up at the very end of their last season which was the season of love and decided to wait to jump in for this new season which started at the beginning of April. The new season is the season of brave which is really exciting.

You get prompts throughout the season (6 weeks) and there are journaling prompts to get you thinking and writing and art prompts to get you using some new techniques and pushing the comfort zone a little which is exactly what I am so excited about!

Here is my response to the first set of prompts from the Brave Season;

I have to say that I did find it quite hard to fill the page with journalling about what I think brave is. Of course the amazing thing about Art journalling is that there is no right and wrong, no rules. The Art journal police won’t be coming to your door. I didn’t HAVE to put the journalling in but I wanted to so that I have a record of me and my thoughts in the journal as well as my Art work and how it evolves over time.

 Above is a close up of the woven edges I put on the side using torn magazine pages.

Funny story – I used to have a Dymo Label Maker thingy. The old school one that uses the 3D tape. I hardly ever used it and ended up throwing it out. Guess what? Last week all I wanted was another one so I ended up buying another one. Lesson – NEVER THROW ANYTHING OUT!

Here is my second layout. I have to say I love this one a lot. I used cotton buds to paint on this and I love the background colors and how it makes everything pop. I used a old OHP transparency to make the wings on just used a magazine cut out for my lady.

I used the Dymo again and a glassine bag I’ve had lying around forever to make a pouch to hold my journalling. As this journalling was a bit more personal I wanted to hide it away a little and I love the extra dimension it adds to the page.

Here’s how I included all I wanted to in the pouch. Maya was so keen to get involved she wanted to do one too and insisted her pie chart be included with mine. How and why would I say no to this? As you can see she got a bit bored after coloring her’s in but done is done and I am very happy to give it a home in my journal.

I wanted to play around with using masking tape as a background medium on this page. I’ve seen quite a few pages online using the tape on the page and then painting over it for texture but I really wanted the paper accents on this page to stand out for me. I started with gesso and then added on the acrylic paints in my chosen palette of blues.I then placed strips of masking tape down the sides of the journal on either side and stamped over the top of them in no particular order. Here is the finished result once the masking tape was removed.

Forgive the harsh light glare on the page but much of my work is done at night in a not particularly well lit area of my house. I’m afraid it is not conducive to lovely light conditions for photographs. I then splashed some gold acrylic onto the page because, well, why not? I mean everything looks better with gold paint splashes no? Honestly I wasn’t mad on it at this stage but that is why I am loving working on the art journal. You can change it you can alter it and if all of that doesn’t work you can just paint over and start again. I decided to just go with it and some torn paper and rubs ons later here is the end result.

I used some random scrapbooking papers I have stashed away to cut out the hearts and some brads in the shape of nail heads (gotta love some hardware)to accent the hearts. I felt they needed a little something to make them pop but at the same time stick with the muted colors. I love the rub on transfers I used on the bottom and opposite top part of the page. I feel like it really tied everything together on the page. I’m so glad I kept all of this stuff from my scrapbooking phase years ago as I am so over keeping it for a “special” piece and am all about slapping it on and having fun with it now.