Colour Chaos Red 001

It’s the turn of the Red Art Journal this time around and I have to say it is amazing in it’s wonderful red-ness. This journal belongs to Sharon. I’d been keeping this red bloom especially for her and this journal for quite some time now.

Colour Chaos Red 002

I literally cannot get this Ed Sheran song out of my head. It’s on a constant loop. Not that I mind it’s a beautiful song so I thought this was a great springboard for my inspiration for this page.

Colour Chaos Red 004

Well now I couldn’t let the Red Journal pass through my hands without some signature poppies going into now could I? Funny story – I was sitting down thinking what the hell can I put in this red journal – what’s red?? Duh!

Colour Chaos Red 003

This page has quite a story. I actually heard a snippet of this song as I was walking down the street. As so often happens, it was stuck in my head, filed away for future inspiration. Then I was browsing Pintrest for some ideas for an “Art Quilt” and BAM! I love it when an idea comes together. I did actually film the making of this page but for some reason when editing it, the video got lost. Never fear I will record again but with a little more detail.

I hope you enjoyed the red journal, be sure to check out my previous posts on the blue and black journal.

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