So a little while before Christmas I was chatting with a bunch of my Get Messy Art Journal friends and we decided that it would be a cool idea to start a travelling art journal. What made it even more interesting is that we would all have a journal that made it’s way in a circle around the group and everyone would pick their favourite colour to have in the Journal.

I picked blue for my colour and we have seven in our group, Vanessa with Gold, Sharon with Red, Katie with Pink, Patricia with White, Julia with Black and Lauren with Lilac. We’re sending our journals on quite the round trip all over the world from Ireland to Britain and America and Canada and we’re hoping to get the journals sent on each month to the next person in the chain.

So as we’re starting off this month we are all working in our own journals. I will link at the end to everyone else’s blog so you can hop over and check out their work for their own journals. We have some amazing people in this group and I cannot wait to get all of their work in my own little journal, it will be so much fun.

Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos Blue 01 Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos 02

My first page in the blue journal. After saying I wanted to use blue as my colour I promptly discovered I had very little blue paint so I just HAD to go buy some. It was a tough task.

Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos Blue 02 Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos Blue 03

Two halves of the same spread this time using a magazine photo and some blue paint applied using my catalyst. You could get the same effect from a old gift card or credit card.

Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos Blue 07This is one of my favourite pages, my Kraken page, I love how it turned out.

Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos Blue 01  I’m hoping some of my fellow art journallers will add to this page and she will come back to me with some really cool tattoos.Karen Gaunt Colour Chaos Blue 05

I made this page using a potato stamp and I love the ombre effect it produced.

So my little journal has gone off on it’s travels now and hopefully it will make its way back to me some time around July. I’m very excited and honoured that such an amazing group of cool ladies has agreed to make art in my little book. I cannot wait to have it back with me.

Please check out everyone elses blog that is taking part in this Colour Chaos Project,

Vanessa, Katie, Sharon, Julia, Lauren and Patricia

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