Colour Chaos Black 002


The second round of the Colour Chaos Travelling Art Journal has been going on and I was working in the Black Journal from Julia which was a whole pile of fun let me tell you.

The first page here was made using modelling paste and a skull stencil I had. I dripped black ink all over it and I love how it turned out. I though the ink would run around the paste more but it soaked into it in a lot of pages. I still love it though.

Colour Chaos Black 001

Can’t beat a bit of “Paint it Black” for the black journal now can you?

Colour Chaos Black 003

Sticking with the musical theme for this simple page. I don’t know what but I just cannot feel comfortable working on just one side of the page, I need a double spread! But Julia gave us each nine pages for the journal so one had to be the odd one out!

Colour Chaos Black 004

I wanted to keep this page simple and in the “Julia” style, she has a very graphic and clean style in many of her pages and she does amazing things with just markers so that’s what I went with here.

Colour Chaos Black 005

And the final page I of course went with a magazine image because Julia is the queen of magazines and I felt this image went so well with the quote.

So that’s the black journal done and on it’s way to Lauren now.

Please check out everyone else’s blog that is taking part in this Colour Chaos Project,

Vanessa, Katie, Sharon, Julia, Lauren and Patricia

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