So for anyone reading the blog a lot you’ll have read about Get Messy as many of my Art Journal pages are tagged with this and I’m constantly referencing it in many of my posts with Season of…. I wanted to take the time to write a little bit about what Get Messy is and what it means to me as we close this year and look forward to another, there are many exciting things happening! I first discovered Get… Read more »

The lovely Julia and I got together for a zine collaboration based on Romeo and Juliet. A Zine is a handmade magazine and it can be on just about any subject that you like. This one is kind of a mini Art Journal and I love how it turned out. Please make sure that you check out Julia’s pages as well on her blog. You know when something just clicks and it’s so amazingly inspiring? Well this was it for me, I just… Read more »

October is shaping up to be a busy and productive month and I am determined to squeeze as much sunshine out of it as possible whilst it lasts and before we’re into winter properly. Counting – down the days until the new season of Walking Dead is going to start. This show is my life and how the heck I have survived since the last episode aired I have absolutely no clue. Hey! It’s my blog and I’ll post this… Read more »

Here we are at the start of another Season at Get Messy and it’s Season is Words. This is a very exciting season for me because the lovelies that run Get Messy, Caylee and Lauren, we’re kind enough to use some prompts that I wrote for this season so it will be a real kick to see everyone get inspired but something I came up with. My book for altering in “A Book of Happiness” and its full of beautiful… Read more »

This weeks prompts are super special because I wrote them!! Caylee was kind enough to include mine this week as the whole prompt and music was the inspiration I used for this week. It seems to have really resonated with so many people and I am having all the feelings seeing everyone’s pages and hearing how much everyone loves the prompts. Here is my page from this week with loads of lovely texture on it. The center part is embossed… Read more »

So it’s week in the life time again this year. I’ve been following Ali Edwards since forever and I love her approach to memory keeping and story telling so much. Week in the Life is all about capturing the everyday routine of your life, the small things that don’t seem all that important now but I;m looking forward to capturing a snap shot of my life just now as it is. My daughter is away at her grandparents this week… Read more »

So last year was in Denmark for a family holiday and I bought wool when I was there. Knitting is, after all, my first love. They have wool in the supermarket for crying out loud! I was talking to the amazingly talented Julia of Julestea blog and we said we’d do a blog hop with her Japan craft haul and my Danish on. Please be sure to check out her blog to see her post. We were staying outside of Copenhagen… Read more »