I’m afraid that I have a confession to make this week. I was a very naughty art journaller last week and did not get my Get Messy Art Journal Pages done. There was quite a bit going on and I was working on the blog like a mad woman trying to update things. Making a website is hard! Well I’m back this week with two pages using a lovely Magic quote I found on Pintrest (what did we do before… Read more »

This week’s Get Messy was all about inspiring and trying new techniques.The Get Messy community is cool and amazing for very many reasons but one of the main ones is that there is just so much inspiring work out there for all of us to draw on. I know you can feel “guilty” about “copying” someone else’s work but I think it’s great way to try out a new style or a new technique. Besides, it’s rarely going to look exactly… Read more »

We’re back with Serenity again this week for the second set of prompts about what Serenity means to us. For this page I printed onto tea bag paper for the dictionary definition. There was much swearing involved, not appropriate for the season of serenity that’s for sure! It worked eventually though and I was pleased with the results. The second page has a tissue paper background and acrylics painted over the top. I used a card I bought from a… Read more »

So here we are at the start of a brand new season from Get Messy. This season is “Serenity” and it will be very nice to have this theme after “Adventure” and “Brave”. This weeks prompts were based around the divine within us and how we are all spiritual in our own ways. now I am not one for organised religion at all but there is something very spiritual and calming about being outside and amongst nature for me. My… Read more »

This week’s Get Messy has us working along with a different prompt every week so this page is a bonus one I’ve been working on inspired by our adventure theme. Well you don’t get much more adventurous than Peter Pan now do you? The page is not my usual style as drawing would NOT be my strong point so I normally stay away from it and rely on a stamphoto or a found image from a magazine.  But in the… Read more »

I recently signed up to a class with Studio Calico called “Love Your Lettering”. It’s a class to improve your hand lettering and let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. The class takes you through the basics of hand lettering and how to play around with different fonts and sizes. The part I loved the most was learning about cursive writing. I should add here that I’ve always loved my handwriting and I always get a lot… Read more »