This time around for the Colour Chaos Art Journal it’s pink and this little beauty belongs to Katie! She hand made the journal herself which is a road I do not want to go down as it’s sure to be a slippery slope for me! I do not need another thing to add to my list of things to make believe me! Katie had gelli printed some of the pages before hand which was great as I could just add… Read more »

We’re back with the color chaos travelling art journal today and this is the turn of Gold, belonging to Vanessa. I was a little freaked out by gold, I can’t say it’s a color I have much of or use a lot in my journal but when I actually got into it I really enjoyed it quite a lot! I knew that there was a reason for hoarding all those scrapbooking supplies in my stash! A lot of these pages… Read more »

My friend Sharon swapped our Art Journals for our “Shore to Shore” project so these pages that I have made are inside her journal. I can’t wait to get mine back to see what she’s been up to it! I should warn anyone who’s reading who may be a little offended that I have a photograph at the end which includes an offensive gesture so if you don’t want to see this maybe skip over this post. For those who don’t mind… Read more »

  The second round of the Colour Chaos Travelling Art Journal has been going on and I was working in the Black Journal from Julia which was a whole pile of fun let me tell you. The first page here was made using modelling paste and a skull stencil I had. I dripped black ink all over it and I love how it turned out. I though the ink would run around the paste more but it soaked into it in… Read more »

So myself and my best art sister, Sharon, were speaking before Christmas and we decided that it would be fun so make an art journal together and we’d send it between us this year. She’s based in New York and with me here in Dublin so it will have travelled some miles before we’re done. I’ve picked a Moleskine Art Plus journal and I’ve had to go buy myself another as I missed it so much after sending it to… Read more »