Welcome Get Messians and anyone else joining in for the Get Messy Blog hop I’m very happy to have you here! Be sure to read through to the end to see who is next on the hop and to enter our brilliant giveaway! OK so bear with me on this title because you’re probably scratching your head and wondering what the heck I’m talking about or that I may or may not have lost the plot. Well perhaps I have… Read more »

  I love to art journal as you know. I’m also a member of the Get Messy Art Journal program. One of the things I love most about Get Messy is the opportunities to collaborate with other amazing members of the community. Anika is a member of the creative team with me over at Get Messy. She has a great art journal style and she loves to combine stamping and sewing which I really love. She’s put together a collaborative project… Read more »

I can’t quite believe that we’re at the end of another season with Get Messy Art Journal , I really don’t know where the six weeks has gone, they’ve flown by. This was my first season as a creative team member and I even got to put my first tutorial on the Get Messy Blog! But you have to be a member to be able to see it! So what are you waiting for? Well if you only have one… Read more »

I can’t believe we’re already onto week five of the Season of Happy and last week will be our last week! I was delighted to receive some new stencils in the post this week from Stencil Girl, it’s the best company and Mary Beth Shaw is my new personal hero. This week was all about our childhood and for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved making. Sewing, knitting, drawing, painting. You name it, I’ve done it and… Read more »

  So I’m doing a two for one this week to get “caught up” on the Get Messy Prompts and be on the correct week for this week. For week three we were working on a “graffiti” theme and it was really fun to try some new lettering styles out for this one. You should definitely check out the #getmessyartjournal on instagram to see everyone’s amazing take on this prompt. There are so many cool interpretations. Some thoughts on what… Read more »

I’m afraid I’m a week behind on Get Messy owing to a lovely flu and chest infection that basically came out of no where and it’s knocked me for six. I’m feeling much better now though and I’ll double post this week so I’m all caught up before the end of the week. This is an additional page I added in this week, I just really love this quote. I used my hand carved stamps here. The top one was… Read more »

We’re back with the new year and a new Get Messy and a new season, the Season of Happy (of Happiness but I’m going with Happy!) I wanted to go with something different for this season so I decided to make my own journal of this season. I had been watching Creative Bug and one of the classes was making a journal from old cardboard boxes, like cereal boxes, and away I went. Here’s a close up of the front of the… Read more »

This week’s Get Messy Art Journal is brought to you by the power of Voodoo (who do??) A few of us were chatting about this magic season and the movie Labyrinth came up. Can’t get much more magical than that movie now can we? I really like all the lovely layers on this page and my cute little owl, so pleased with him. The main theme of this week was tradition. I don’t have a huge amount of traditions from… Read more »

I’m afraid that I have a confession to make this week. I was a very naughty art journaller last week and did not get my Get Messy Art Journal Pages done. There was quite a bit going on and I was working on the blog like a mad woman trying to update things. Making a website is hard! Well I’m back this week with two pages using a lovely Magic quote I found on Pintrest (what did we do before… Read more »