This time around for the Colour Chaos Art Journal it’s pink and this little beauty belongs to Katie! She hand made the journal herself which is a road I do not want to go down as it’s sure to be a slippery slope for me! I do not need another thing to add to my list of things to make believe me! Katie had gelli printed some of the pages before hand which was great as I could just add… Read more »

We’re back with the color chaos travelling art journal today and this is the turn of Gold, belonging to Vanessa. I was a little freaked out by gold, I can’t say it’s a color I have much of or use a lot in my journal but when I actually got into it I really enjoyed it quite a lot! I knew that there was a reason for hoarding all those scrapbooking supplies in my stash! A lot of these pages… Read more »

It’s the turn of the Red Art Journal this time around and I have to say it is amazing in it’s wonderful red-ness. This journal belongs to Sharon. I’d been keeping this red bloom especially for her and this journal for quite some time now. I literally cannot get this Ed Sheran song out of my head. It’s on a constant loop. Not that I mind it’s a beautiful song so I thought this was a great springboard for my… Read more »

  The second round of the Colour Chaos Travelling Art Journal has been going on and I was working in the Black Journal from Julia which was a whole pile of fun let me tell you. The first page here was made using modelling paste and a skull stencil I had. I dripped black ink all over it and I love how it turned out. I though the ink would run around the paste more but it soaked into it in… Read more »

So a little while before Christmas I was chatting with a bunch of my Get Messy Art Journal friends and we decided that it would be a cool idea to start a travelling art journal. What made it even more interesting is that we would all have a journal that made it’s way in a circle around the group and everyone would pick their favourite colour to have in the Journal. I picked blue for my colour and we have… Read more »