The Great Art Stash Challenge

Join me in an art stash challenge! Rediscover old favorite supplies and challenge yourself to use them again!

So just before Christmas I was having a big clear out of all my old supplies. You know the old old OLD stuff that you’ve had forever? It was getting to the stage where I could find nothing I wanted and it was stopping me from being as creative as I wanted to. I was depressed looking at the mess you know? Whilst I did get rid of a lot of scrap stuff that was lying around there were a lot of things (mainly stamps) that I just couldn’t bare to get rid of but I didn’t really use them so a decision had to be made. What to do with my Art Stash?

The Great Art Stash Challenge

I decided to challenge myself to use these older supplies that have long been neglected. No more will these items languish in a box, crying and feeling lonely, longing for daylight (ok a little dramatic but you get the gist right?) I will use them and 2017 will be the year of #artstashchallenge

Getting Recruits

So I posted a couple of journal spreads on Instagram and I said in my posts that I was challenging myself to use up my art stash and that I was aiming to use the old stamps that have been gathering dust for over ten years.

The Great Art Stash Challenge

Then my lovely art friend Sherry contacted me and had the wonderful idea to make this an official challenge. With hashtags and themes and followers oh my! Well, needless to say I was all for it and here we are at the start of February, raring to go on our new challenge for 2017. Sherry and I are both on the Design Team for Jessica Sporn and I am only delighted to have such a lovely accomplice

Join in why don’t you?

So I would absolutely love to have you along for the journey with us and see what you create by participating in the Art Stash Challenge. We will be posting up on the 1st February on Instagram our first set of prompts.

You can visit Sherry’s blog and read her post about the challenge here. Be sure to follow both of us on Instagram at



Be sure to use the hashtag #artstashchallenge when you are sharing your work on Instagram so we can all see the wonderful things being created!

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  1. Gilly

    I’ll certainly give it a go as I have masses of unused supplies as well – we’re away for some of the time but I will try and follow as much as I can…great idea!


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