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I love to art journal as you know. I’m also a member of the Get Messy Art Journal program. One of the things I love most about Get Messy is the opportunities to collaborate with other amazing members of the community.

Anika is a member of the creative team with me over at Get Messy. She has a great art journal style and she loves to combine stamping and sewing which I really love. She’s put together a collaborative project where many of the creative team were challenged to create art using the same template that she sent onto us.

It will be really interesting to see how all of the styles of artwork and art journal will come out with the creative team. We’re all so very different and have such unique art styles.

I went with a fairly simple black and white theme. I like the feel box the best, I stitched the crosses so there is a texture there to “feel”.

The triangles in the “make” box are a stamp that I carved out myself and I love the imperfect print it’s made on the paper.


Get Messy is an art journal program here to inspire you, teach you new art techniques and help you build community around this art form. The membership site shares prompts, tutorials and inspiration each week. We use different platforms, such as link ups, collaborative projects, spotlights and more to help push our members to consistently create and to showcase their amazing work. Get Messy is for both beginners and art journaling extraordinaires!

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