We’re back with the Purple edition of the travelling art journal color chaos project. The journals are now getting fuller and this one is getting wonderfully full with all the amazing artwork from everyone that has come before me. I loved being able to work opposite another completed page and trying to compliment it. I think this is Julia’s page, she is the queen of magazines. I kept this page quite simple and used the white paint marker to compliment… Read more »

  I love to art journal as you know. I’m also a member of the Get Messy Art Journal program. One of the things I love most about Get Messy is the opportunities to collaborate with other amazing members of the community. Anika is a member of the creative team with me over at Get Messy. She has a great art journal style and she loves to combine stamping and sewing which I really love. She’s put together a collaborative project… Read more »

  One thing I do not have a problem with is buying supplies. Mainly paint supplies. I’m a total addict when it comes to buying paint. I cannot go into an art store without some creeping into my basket. So for the greater good I thought it would offer up some advice about what paints I use and when I do decide to spend a few extra pennies on the more pricey ones. Here are my super cheap paints. These… Read more »

    Hi Everyone! I don’t know about you but whenever I make something inside my journal I love it. I show my adoring public (ok, I show my husband) and then maybe I snap a picture and post it to Instagram. Then it gets shut inside my journal and hardly ever sees the light of day again. Well no more my friends. I now solemnly swear to get my art out of my journal and onto objects that do… Read more »