OK so you may or may not know that I am now the proud owner of my own you tube channel (you can see it and subscribe here. I’ve really enjoyed making the videos and its certainly something that I really want to make more of.  Teaching has always been my jam and you tube allows me to test out different ideas and formats. Without further ado, here is my video. I’m talking in this one which was weird to… Read more »

My friend Sharon swapped our Art Journals for our “Shore to Shore” project so these pages that I have made are inside her journal. I can’t wait to get mine back to see what she’s been up to it! I should warn anyone who’s reading who may be a little offended that I have a photograph at the end which includes an offensive gesture so if you don’t want to see this maybe skip over this post. For those who don’t mind… Read more »

It’s the turn of the Red Art Journal this time around and I have to say it is amazing in it’s wonderful red-ness. This journal belongs to Sharon. I’d been keeping this red bloom especially for her and this journal for quite some time now. I literally cannot get this Ed Sheran song out of my head. It’s on a constant loop. Not that I mind it’s a beautiful song so I thought this was a great springboard for my… Read more »

I can’t quite believe that we’re at the end of another season with Get Messy Art Journal , I really don’t know where the six weeks has gone, they’ve flown by. This was my first season as a creative team member and I even got to put my first tutorial on the Get Messy Blog! But you have to be a member to be able to see it! So what are you waiting for? Well if you only have one… Read more »

I wanted to share a little look inside my Altered Book Art Journal today with you. I have several journals on the go at the moment but this little book is one of my favourites. It smells so good as it’s a nicely aged book which you just don’t get from a brand new one. I’m using this book for play mostly. No big theme or plans running through it. I haven’t prepped the book by taking pages out first… Read more »

I can’t believe we’re already onto week five of the Season of Happy and last week will be our last week! I was delighted to receive some new stencils in the post this week from Stencil Girl, it’s the best company and Mary Beth Shaw is my new personal hero. This week was all about our childhood and for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved making. Sewing, knitting, drawing, painting. You name it, I’ve done it and… Read more »