So for anyone reading the blog a lot you’ll have read about Get Messy as many of my Art Journal pages are tagged with this and I’m constantly referencing it in many of my posts with Season of…. I wanted to take the time to write a little bit about what Get Messy is and what it means to me as we close this year and look forward to another, there are many exciting things happening! I first discovered Get… Read more »

The lovely Julia and I got together for a zine collaboration based on Romeo and Juliet. A Zine is a handmade magazine and it can be on just about any subject that you like. This one is kind of a mini Art Journal and I love how it turned out. Please make sure that you check out Julia’s pages as well on her blog. You know when something just clicks and it’s so amazingly inspiring? Well this was it for me, I just… Read more »

This week’s Get Messy Art Journal is brought to you by the power of Voodoo (who do??) A few of us were chatting about this magic season and the movie Labyrinth came up. Can’t get much more magical than that movie now can we? I really like all the lovely layers on this page and my cute little owl, so pleased with him. The main theme of this week was tradition. I don’t have a huge amount of traditions from… Read more »

I’m afraid that I have a confession to make this week. I was a very naughty art journaller last week and did not get my Get Messy Art Journal Pages done. There was quite a bit going on and I was working on the blog like a mad woman trying to update things. Making a website is hard! Well I’m back this week with two pages using a lovely Magic quote I found on Pintrest (what did we do before… Read more »