This weeks Get messy prompts were all about looking for inspiration for serenity. I looked to a Buddah quote for this week’s page and I even made the page live on periscope! You can watch it live for the next 24 hours if you like my user name is c_bunni_crafts you can find me there! Lots of lovely layers on this page using paints to tone down the mad patterns on the paper. I used my demo machine for the… Read more »

This weeks prompts are super special because I wrote them!! Caylee was kind enough to include mine this week as the whole prompt and music was the inspiration I used for this week. It seems to have really resonated with so many people and I am having all the feelings seeing everyone’s pages and hearing how much everyone loves the prompts. Here is my page from this week with loads of lovely texture on it. The center part is embossed… Read more »

So it’s week in the life time again this year. I’ve been following Ali Edwards since forever and I love her approach to memory keeping and story telling so much. Week in the Life is all about capturing the everyday routine of your life, the small things that don’t seem all that important now but I;m looking forward to capturing a snap shot of my life just now as it is. My daughter is away at her grandparents this week… Read more »

This week’s Get Messy was all about inspiring and trying new techniques.The Get Messy community is cool and amazing for very many reasons but one of the main ones is that there is just so much inspiring work out there for all of us to draw on. I know you can feel “guilty” about “copying” someone else’s work but I think it’s great way to try out a new style or a new technique. Besides, it’s rarely going to look exactly… Read more »

We’re back with Serenity again this week for the second set of prompts about what Serenity means to us. For this page I printed onto tea bag paper for the dictionary definition. There was much swearing involved, not appropriate for the season of serenity that’s for sure! It worked eventually though and I was pleased with the results. The second page has a tissue paper background and acrylics painted over the top. I used a card I bought from a… Read more »