So here we are at the start of a brand new season from Get Messy. This season is “Serenity” and it will be very nice to have this theme after “Adventure” and “Brave”. This weeks prompts were based around the divine within us and how we are all spiritual in our own ways. now I am not one for organised religion at all but there is something very spiritual and calming about being outside and amongst nature for me. My… Read more »

This week’s Get Messy prompts were extra super exciting for me because I actually wrote two of them!! And I had to keep it a secret!!! Ok so I told my husband who was suitably unimpressed but I was itching to see when they would go up. I had posted on facebook after the new season was announced as “Adventure” that we had better have some prompts based around the movie “Up” I mean come on?? ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!!… Read more »

This week has been way too nice weather wise and it’s been very hard to find the enthusiasm to sit down and work on my art journal when there’s so much sunshine outside! And feeling icky, sticky and tired doesn’t help either.  The art mono has been slow to come this week and only finished the spread below just today! We had to make a bucket list this week and I decided to write down all the things I’d love… Read more »