The new prompt from Get Messy was all about making a zine. It’s not something that I’d ever thought about doing before so after a bit of research into what exactly it was I had a good idea in my head how I would construct it but was a little stumped about what it was going to be about. We were to make it about someone we thought of as brave. Easy huh? Well not really, there are so many… Read more »

This entry didn’t really have a rhyme or reason behind it, I just went with what I felt like and I love how the page turned out. I started with the magazine image I found from one of my old Mollie Makes Magazines. I’ve gone through a pile that I have at home and taken out all kinds of yummy images to use for my journal but this one was a particular favourite. I am a total sucker for vintage… Read more »

So I’ve joined up with the Get Messy art journal group online. I really wanted to participate in a group to get some inspiration and hopefully make some new online friends in the process. I joined up at the very end of their last season which was the season of love and decided to wait to jump in for this new season which started at the beginning of April. The new season is the season of brave which is really… Read more »